Planning and Development

Planning & Development is responsible for;

·       Building Control

·       Town Planning

·       Environmental Management

·       Local Economic Development


The Building Control Section is responsible for;

·       Plans Examination and Approval

·       Building Inspections

·       Law Enforcement

·       Demolitions and

·       Signage


Town Planning Section is responsible for;

·       Handling & Processing of Special Consent, Rezoning & Development Applications

·       Land Use Management

·       Formal Authority Applications

·       Relaxation of Building Lines, Sides & Rear Spaces Applications

·       Spatial Development Framework


Environmental Management is responsible for;

·       Management of privately owned vacant properties with overgrown vegetation

·       Identification of Flora/Tree Felling

·       Scrutinizing Building Applications

·       Scrutinizing Town Planning Applications

·       Provision of comments on EIA Applications, basic assessment, and scoping report

·       Compliance monitoring & Enforcement


Local Economic Development Section is responsible for;

·       SMME & Co-Operative Support

·       Informal Economy Support

·       Development & Maintenance of Local Business Database

·       Local Economic Development Strategy development & Implementation

·       Sectoral Development support

·       Business Licensing

·       Provision of market stalls for informal traders