Department of Technical services

  • Mr Bright Khumalo
  • General Manager: Technical Services
  • PA: Ms Maud Khoza
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telephone:039 976 1324

Technical Services is comprised of 5 Sections namely:

  1. Housing (Human Settlement),
  2. Project Management (PMU),
  3. Solid Waste Management,
  4. Roads & Stormwater
  5. Fleet Management.

Umdoni Municipality is not the Authority for Water, Sanitation and Electricity. These responsibilities vest with UGU District Municipality and Eskom respectively.

The Municipality submitted a Draft Housing Sector Plan to council in September 2017 and the Municipality has a dedicated Human Settlement Section within the Technical Service Department. It ensures that everyone has a right to have access to adequate housing, and liaises with the state and other stakeholders to explore reasonable legislation and other measures within its available resources to achieve the progressive realization of this right. The Human Settlements team also ensures that the quality of the housing project is not compromised, by monitoring and evaluating processes working with other project management agencies to ensure successful completion of all housing projects within specified timeframes. The Housing Section is currently implementing the following Housing projects:

  1. >Malangeni Rural Housing Project Tranche 2
  2. Amandawe Rural Housing Project
  3. KwaCele Rural Housing Project
  4. Vulamehlo Rural Housing Project Phase 2
  5. Amahlongwa Rural Housing Project
  6. Umzinto Slums Clearance Project – Handover has been conducted

Roads & Stormwater

the core function of this section is to extend the useful life of local roads as well as reduce maintenance and reconstruction costs by: -

  1. Undertaking routine and reactive maintenance of all roads, both surfaced and gravel, in all areas within the municipal boundaries
  2. To undertake routine and reactive maintenance of the municipal Stormwater drainage infrastructure, including pipes, inlet chambers, manholes and watercourses
  3. Resurfacing of tarred roads by re-graveling gravelled roads
  4. Repairs to potholes on tarred roads using cold mix asphalt
  5. Installation of guardrails which generally carried out on verges of roads with steep adjacent embankments at locations to protect structures and at locations to restrict access. Armco barriers and creosoted poles make up the guardrails.
  6. Construction of gabion structures to retaining purposes in areas where there is a potential for embankments collapsing and also to protect services running alongside watercourses
  7. To undertake periodic re-gravelling of roads. This will be based on a maintenance plan.
  8. Management of capital projects funded internally and externally by the Municipality
  9. onstruction of minor new works such as gravel access roads, upgrading existing Stormwater drainage infrastructure, re-building drainage structures to improve functionality and laying of new Stormwater drainage pipes.
  10. Assisting communities with roads access to funerals, predominately in rural areas.
  11. Response to emergencies for damages and accessibility during storms and heavy rains
  12. Assisting other service departments such as housing and community services with minor works for example, provision of access, drainage improvements etc.

Waste Management

Section includes, Refuse Collection, Waste Disposal, Street cleaning & Recycling. Waste is one of the key service delivery areas of the Municipality, with services rendered in the form of refuse collection, landfilling and street sweeping. The Waste Management Plan puts measures in place to provide a more effective and efficient waste management service thereby reducing operation costs and improving service delivery. A significant part of the municipal Budget is allocated to Waste related services and this is likely to increase, it is therefore imperative that the municipality takes measures to reduce cost implementing plan to promote recycling, reduce the production of waste, and control the consumption of non-recyclable material. Technical Services Waste Management Section has drafted a Recycling Plan and has been submitted to the Infrastructure Portfolio for noting and will be adopted by the Council by 30 January 2018.
A total number of 14 256,7 households are provided with refuse removal service. This service is provided in Urban and Rural Areas. The frequency in the urban areas for refuse removal is daily in businesses, and weekly in residential areas. The frequency in rural areas is provided twice a week.
Waste Management Section also extends its duties to street cleaning, issuing of refuse bags to communities as well as maintenance and rehabilitation of Humberdale Landfill Site.

Fleet Management & Workshop

Fleet Management deals with the maintenance and licencing of Umdoni Fleet to ensure effective and efficient use of its Fleet.